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Studios Photography has extensive experience in sports photography. Team and individual photos can be taken either indoors or outdoors. We offer a variety of specialty items, which are always nice keepsakes.

Photo Options:

Studios Photography offers greenscreen or traditional photos for all sports.

Studios Photography adjusts to the needs of each team and skill level. We use our experience to guide each player and capture a photo unique to each athlete and team.

Industry Leading Delivery Timelines and Pricing

Studios has never missed a club deadline for providing athlete Memory Mates, with equally fast turnaround on all subsequent online orders from our website. Keeping prices affordable requires quick editing and processing of your photos, so all memory mates can be produced by our Edmonton printing partner in a cost effective single batch.

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1) Greenscreen Photography

Individual photos are taken and a team photo is composted with natural heights and compositions. Missing or late players can make arrangements to come at alternate times and still be included in the team photo.

Coaches will also have an individual photo taken which can be used for club websites as well as for other business/personal needs.

Parents will choose the background for an additional photos/products they would.

2) Traditional Photos

Individual photos as well as a group photo is taken. We offer in studio or on location photos. We are able to transform our studio so the players can wear their skates and /or other equipment, or we can go on location depending on the availability of space.

Studios captures all ages of players, and adjust according to their age and skill level. We help junior players and we give the senior players direction for the perfect pose.

Traditional Sports Photography
Traditional Sports Photography

What's included

All players will receive a Memory Mate. This is an 8x10 inch print with an individual and group/team photo. Each design is customized to the organization and will include their logo. Memory Mates may also include name, year, division, or group/team name.

2 Options of Memory Mates are available for leagues:

Memory mates can choose tohave a Name Under option. This will Lists all players and coaches names in the team photo. This adds extra time the production. (See samples)


With Players Names

Without Players Names


Players will also have personalized online ticket codes for the option to order any additional photos/Product online such as Trader Cards, Bag Tags, Game Day Tickets, Water Bottles, Coasters and much more!


  • 1-9 Teams - Price Category A (In Studio only)
  • 10-15 Teams - Price Category B
  • 16+ Teams - Price Category C

Please contact Studios for detailed prices for your club/league.



  • Greenscreen - 12'x20'
  • Traditional Large Group (Dance, Cheerleading) - 25'x25'
  • On Ice (Ringette, hockey) - Half rink with access to electricity.
  • Outdoor Space (football, soccer, field lacrosse etc.) - Shaded area with access to electricity near by.
Custom Photoshoots

Custom Sports Photoshoots

Custom photoshoots are available upon request and availability. A custom photoshoot takes roughly 8hours of set up before photos are taken. Expert photographers will set up a unique lighting system and use light modifiers no other studio in Edmonton has. Custom backdrops will be used with award winning photographers. The photos will be sent to an award winning editor for the absolute best images!

Event Photoshoots

Event Photos

Studios Photography has been photographing a variety of sporting events for over a decade. We offer many different photography opti ons that are unique to each sport and that suit your event’s needs. Studios Photography is very flexible and able to adjust to the demands of the event. Please contact us for more information. Action photos are only available for leagues partnered with Studios.

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