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Edmonton’s locally owned and operated photography studio specializing in schools and sports photography

Studios Photography is partnered with the world’s best background removal software for creating perfect images, Studios Photography entered a partnership with an exclusive green screen technology partner that provides zero digital artifacts on every image (no jaggies in hair, bleeding of clothing colors onto light skin and hair, etc.).

  • AI-Based Algorithm
  • High Detail Retention
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Best Quality Guaranteed
  • Fast Turnaround

This new process allows us to create group photos from individual photos, simplifying the photography setup, and providing digital background options for parents that order additional prints and photo products from our website.

Realistic Composite Team Photos

During the green screen photo shoot, we position players and coaches/managers for additional individual images so that a very realistic composite team photo can be created (with teammembers angled and arranged by height-as done with traditional group photos).

Hollywood Grade Green Screen Partner

Studios has provided sports photography in Alberta for over a decade. During that time we monitored the quality of green screen methods, and avoided the typical software that provides a variety of digital artifacts ("jaggies" in hair and clothing, color bleeding into light hair and skin, etc.). We have recently partnered with a green screen partner that has been able to provide the highest level of quality, and zero artifacts on all of our images. You won't find better results anywhere!

Detail Retention & Transparency

  • Preserves fine detail such as the subject's hair
  • Carries transparencies to the new background
  • Applies a contour correction to give the subject a more natural look on the new background and not have a cut & paste look

Subjects wearing the same color as the background?

We know which pixels are for the subject and which ones are for the backdrop, so it'll automatically keep your subject intact while removing the background.

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