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Studios Photography is changing the approach to school photos. We spend time on each child as we create a portrait that captures the student’s individuality as they grow. We work with each school to determine what type of photography will work to fit the school. By offering a variety of options including outdoor photos, choosing your background colour, or a unique backdrop, Studios Photography creates a unique portrait that lasts forever. Group/Class, Panoramas, Sibling and Sport/Team Photos are also available.

Preschool - Mini Sessions

Backdrop Choice

Creative Backdrops

Studios has 20+ Preschool/k-grad backdrops with matching floor drops. The backdrops are changing and being updated throughout the year. We will choose the best backdrop for your school needs! Class photos will be taken traditionally.

Greenscreen Backdrops

Parents will have the option to pick from over 20 digital backdrop and add to there photo purchase. Class photos will be created digitally.

Studios will need a space 15 feet wide by 16 feet long for the extra lights a greenscreen backdrop will require.

Set up takes roughly 30 minutes. Studios will arrive to set up before or after student drop off. Depending on the schools location.

Multiple day photoshoots - Studios will require to keep equipment set up in the location for multiple days. Studios will has a 1 time NO set up fee. Multiple set ups will require a multiple set up fee of $125.00.

Database requirement

Studios will need an excel file of all students; First Name, Last Name & Class roughly 2 weeks before picture day.

Studios will use that information to create a project for your preschool with the student information. Studios will print out scan cards for each student that will be used when photographing.

Studios We will take multiple photos of each student but will accept the 3 best photos.

Picture Day

If a student is sick or unwell we will not be able to help pose, fix clothing & hair. We will ask for teacher help or direct from a distance.

For best results please have parents/helpers stay to the side of the photo set up so the photographer can have the students full attention.

After Picture Day

Order forms will be delivered to your school roughly 7 days after picture day. Order forms will be organized by class.

Parents can use the ticket code on the order form to view/order their photos. If they order photos before the deadline (posted on order form) they will receive free shipping and the photos will be delivered in bulk to your school.

Any late orders can be placed and shipped for a fee to your address.

Space Requirement

A space will need to be cleared before studios arrives.

Studios has a 1 time complementary 'set up fee'. For multi day sessions, Studios can leave equipment set up for multiple days at no charge or can take down/set up daily for a $150.00 fee

Standard backdrops - 10' x 17'


Studios Photography uses real flowers picked up fresh every day.

Studios Photography has a wide variety of graduation backdrops including greenscreen options.

We offer casual photos during this session where graduates bring a prop of their choice to use in their photo. We believe in not only formal graduation photos but in capturing each graduates personality.

Sessions range from 10-20 min. of one on one time with our professional photographers. Proofs are available same day depending on schools requests.

Customized retouching is also available.

No extra charge in ordering photos: black & white, Colour or Sepia.

Pro tip on what TO DO:

  • Wear a V neck shirt (It will not be shown).
  • Wear a dress shirt with tie that matches school colours.
  • Arrive early and be ready!

Pro tip on what NOT to do:

  • We do not recommend wearing a round collar t-shirt.
  • We do not recommend wearing a dress shirt that does not fit properly.
  • Experimenting on either make up or facial hair.

NOTE: if you would like a casual photo, bring props that represent you (eg. basketball, hockey stick, jersey, guitar, any props are welcome). Please no pets.

Location Requirements

15' x 20' per set up with access to electricity.

Fall Photos

Studios Photography is changing the approach to school photos. We spend time on each student as we create a portrait that captures the student’s individuality as they grow. We work with each school to determine what type of photography will work to fit the school. By offering a variety of options including outdoor photos, choosing your background. Studios Photography creates a unique portrait that lasts forever.

Group/Class, Panoramas, Sibling and Sport/Team Photos are also available.

The high quality images we are famous for are always assured, as STUDIOS owners oversee every photo shoot we book.

Rest easy knowing that STUDIOS takes safety and liability seriously. We carry liability and WCB coverage to protect our clients and staff at all times, in all locations.

Outdoor Photography Specialists

Great outdoor photography means much more than showing up with a camera and tripod. Seasoned outdoor photographers understand the need to adjust the shoot based on weather, and know how to mitigate risk to clients and equipment based on temperature, precipitation, lightning, and other environmental factors.

In addition to experience with wind and rain, we continuously adjust color balance and other factors according to the suns position to create consistently gorgeous photos. We also employ various shapes and sizes of light blockers and shades to eliminate hot spots and provide even lighting around the subject.


Selecting the right environment to back your images is also key. When suitable natural landscaping isn’t available, we have movie-quality woodland props to create the outdoor environment in just about any space.

Location Requirements

Photographer will face South -Students will require a shaded tree area with no background distractions facing North – Electricity must be close by.

"We greatly appreciate having the owners on site during all photo sessions, giving us the attention to detail that parents value."

Kim Brophy - Principal, Mother Margaret Mary School
"Studios Photography exceeded expectations by providing exemplary service for all our photography needs.  The quality of the photographs rivaled that of the official school board and government photographers.  The quality of product is outstanding, and the attention to service and professionalism is unrivaled."

Henry Madsen - Principal, Nellie Carlson School
"Studios Photography was supportive and flexible in determining a suitable location and adapting to the changing needs of a new school."

Jody Lundell - Principal, Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School

Hollywood Greenscreen

Studios Photography greenscreen knock out provides the world’s best background removal for creating perfect images. For 20 years, the software have been improving algorithms to push the technology even further. Today, the company’s award-winning green screen technology is recognized around the world for its unmatched quality. They process over 17 million images a year from clients around the globe, providing the best background removal service in the industry. They are using its Al-based technology to create innovative content to support causes and foundations around the world.


View our attention to detail, with our Hollywood style knock outs!. We guarantee NO jaggies, NO green halos and NO green artifacts around any student, even with students that have frizzy blonde or green hair!

Location Requirements

Each set up will require 5' x 17' space with access to electricity

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