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Other Products

Other Products

Puck Holder

Puck Holder is a hockey puck with the player’s individual photo on it, inside a clear plastic holder.


Flat Calendar

Flat Calendar is a 8x10 inch print with the individual/group photo and the calendar year. It includes the team name, child name, and organization logo.


Scrapbook Page

Scrapbook page is a custom designed 12x12 inch print that is sized to fit into the standard scrapbook. It includes an individual and team photo along with name, team/group name, child’s number, and organization logo.


Magnetic Wallets

Magnetic Wallets are 2.5x3.5 magnets with the individual photo, name, year, and organizations logo. 8 Magnets are included in a single pack.


Single Square Coaster

Single Square Coasters are 3.75x3.75 inches with a corked bottom and hard plastic top. They have the child’s photo, number, name and organizations logo.


Team View Mount

Team View Mount is a cardboard easel with a 5x7 inch team/group photo and 4x6 inch individual photo.


Memory Mate with Easel

Memory Mate with Easel is a cardboard easel with the 8x10 inch memory mate.


11 oz. Ceramic Mug

11oz. Ceramic Mug is a white mug with a child’s photo printed directly on the mug, with a gloss finish on the outside.


Travel Thermos Mug

Travel Thermos Mug is a white travel mug with the individual photo printed directly on the mug, with a gloss finish on the outside.


600ml Water Bottle

600ml Water Bottle is metal and has the individual photo printed directly on the bottle, with a gloss finish.


Mouse Pad

Mouse Pad is a 7.75x9.5 inches with a foam bottom for grip and has a hard top with the individual photo.


Metal Key Chain

Metal Key Chain is a 1.5x2.25 inch individual photo printed on metal with a key ring attached to the top corner.


Plastic Key Chain

Plastic Key Chain is a 2.25x2.25 inch square individual photo printed on thick plastic with a key ring attached to the top corner.



Button is a 3 inch round metal button with the child’s individual photo on the front and clip on the back.


Tree Ornament

Tree Ornament is a 2x3 inch double sided metal rectangle with an individual photo and ribbon to hang on a tree.


Holiday Cards

Holiday Cards are 4x5.5 inches that have an individual photo on the front and say “Happy Holidays.” They are blank on the inside, with a festive design. 6 cards come in one pack.

8x10 Puzzle

8x10 inch puzzle has 60 pieces of the group or individual photo.


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